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Here are the videoclips, in the order in which I wanted you to watch them

The Fountainhead “Compromise” clip: LINK

The Fountainhead “Defense Speech” clip: LINK

Jamie Mahoney’s Interview with Massimo and Lella Vignelli: LINK

A few words from David Carson via Hillman Curtis: LINK

A short set of questions for Charles Eames: LINK

The Eames film was to follow all this…


Required reading:

The Place of Originality in the Information Age

Paul Saffo, futurist and author

5 pages

The Purpose of Copyright

Lydia Pallas Loren,  Associate Professor of Law, Northwestern School of Law of Lewis & Clark College

9 pages

Petrarch’s Apes: Originality, Plagiarism and Copyright Principles

within Visual Culture

Penelope Alfrey, barrister and art historian

6 pages

Graphic Content | Shepard Fairey Is Not a Crook

Steven Heller

Optional Reads:

Legalities: What Can You Do When Your Work Is Copied Online?

Copy This Essay: How Fair Use Doctrine Harms Free Speech

and How Copying Serves It

Rebecca Tushnet

law professor at the Georgetown University Law Center

50 pages